Millennials and Money: What’s Your M.O. & Is it Working?

At Senior EXIT last month, we talked about the important topic of financial faithfulness—how we steward the money that God allows to pass through our hands. Money management is not easy, especially right after college. If we want to pursue a healthy approach, one of the best things we can do is take an honest look at our current habits.

PSU alum and innovator, Paul Girgis, recently completed a project where he interviewed millennials on their approach to money management. He and his co-researcher captured their major takeaways and common themes. Take a look at their findings and consider your own situation.

What resonates with you from their research?

Do you tend to avoid money management/deal with it in a reactive vs. proactive way?

Is there someone you typically look to for money advice? Is this person wise?

How can you “start small” with investing or other steps toward a healthy financial future?