FREE Gift for Finals Week

Is it possible to have our deepest connection to Jesus during one of the most stressful times of year? We believe yes, but it can be hard to choose the practices that help (like focused time in prayer and reading Scripture) in the midst of finals week craziness. It can be easy to work on that project, study for an exam or write that paper without keeping Christ at the center of it. Instead, we encourage you to go with the grace of God this week and to invite Him into all of it: the stress, the late nights, the projects and tests. And to praise Him at each step — giving thanks for the privilege of being a student, the gift of learning, and the relief we feel when things are done!

To help you draw close to Jesus this week, we have FREE gift from Senior EXIT: a finals week devotional.

Check out this colorful and thoughtful devotional, created by a friend and co-worker, Jamie Donne. (She confesses that she was never a big fan of devotionals, but then she wrote this one!)

Please know that we’re praying for you this week and often!