Work and Worldview

work desk

“The significance—and ultimately the quality—of the work we do is determined by our understanding of the story in which we are taking part.”  –Wendell Berry

Our lives are part of a greater story. When we remember that every aspect of our lives, including our work, is part of the story God began writing in generations past and will continue writing into the future, we gain perspective on how to approach our daily work. God created work when he engaged in the good work of Creation. He gives purpose and meaning to the work of our hands as we co-labor in on-going creation that reveals Him to the world (building, engineering, designing, helping, researching, teaching, art-making, etc.). When we engage in the work that God calls us to, we represent His love and His hope for the world in profound ways. How? Find out more here! (Article “Work and Worldview” from the Village Church).