Summary of workshop dates and topics (scroll down and click for more information and links to register):

  • January 24/25*: Making God-Honoring Decisions (7:30-10:00PM at CommonPlace)
  • February 21/22*: Finding Friends and Fiances (7:30-10:00PM at CommonPlace)
  • March 21/22*: Financial Faithfulness: Managing Money (6:00-10:00PM at CommonPlace)
  • April 18/19*: Celebration and Commissioning (7:30-9:30PM at CommonPlace)

*Same content both nights…choose the one that works best for you!

**We are asking each participant to contribute $25 for the year of EXIT workshops. You will receive outstanding content at each of the workshops as well as a copy of “After College” (new book published by Erica Young Reitz) and other take-away resources. (If this cost is difficult for you, please let us know as we don’t want this to be prohibitive.) The other option is to pay $10 per workshop…but it’s a steal-of-a-deal to pay $25 for all 3 workshops! If you have a question about the payment, please contact Hannah (