General information about workshops: Our monthly workshops run from 7:30PM-9:30PM at CommonPlace (115 S. Fraser St., State College), on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. We offer the same content both nights, so choose the night that works best for you.

What topics does Senior EXIT cover and when? 

  • September 12/13*: After College: Preparing Well
  • October 10/11*: Finding Community Post-College
  • November 7/8*: First Job: Integrating Faith & Work
  • December 5/6*: Family Matters: Relating to Your Parents
  • January 23/24*: Making God-Honoring Decisions
  • February 20/21*: Friends & Fiances: Navigating Relationships
  • March 20/21*: Financial Faithfulness: Managing Money
  • April 17/18*: Celebration & Commissioning

*Same content both nights…choose the one that works best for you!

How do I register? 

Summary of workshop dates and topics (scroll down and click for more information and links to register)

**Cost: Your first time is FREE. After that, we ask each participant to contribute $25 for the year of Senior EXIT workshops. You will receive outstanding content at each workshop as well as a copy of “After College” (recent book by Erica Young Reitz, published by InterVarsity Press) and other take-away resources. (If this cost is difficult for you, please let us know as we don’t want this to be prohibitive.) The other option is to pay $10 per workshop…but it’s a steal-of-a-deal to pay $25 for all workshops! If you have a question about the payment, please contact Hannah (