The Real Reasons We’re Bad with Money

“I hate money.” I remember a recent graduate, Lynette, sharing those words with me when I asked about her biggest struggle after college.  Overwhelmed with loan payments, cultural pressures, and budget keeping, she believed life would be so much better if she didn’t have to deal with money.

“I love money.” Though I can’t recall an alum sharing those exact words, you don’t have look very far to find someone whose outlook and choices show they’re chasing the dollar. Our culture has placed money on a pedestal; personal affluence is a top value. Many of us believe that life would be so much better if we just had more money.

God doesn’t want us to hate money or love it. He wants us to steward it faithfully. So, how do we get into a right relationship with money? We need healthy attitudes that lead to healthy actions. Because our beliefs about money significantly shape our behaviors. If we’re not sure what we believe, this article helps us take an honest look at some of our day-to-day money decisions and what they tell us about our money attitudes.

Let’s get real. And then let’s continue, start, or stop doing what we need to so that we can fully honor God with our finances.