Senior EXIT prepares graduating seniors to transition into the next phase of life. Some of you may know where you’re headed after here, and many of you have no clue. You may feel nervous, excited, or both. No matter what your emotions or post-college plans, each of you will ultimately face graduation day. We want to help you prepare – for that day, but also for the days, months and years that follow. They can be some of the hardest…and best. But you’re not alone! Through EXIT, we’ll address the top issue recent graduates face, offer tools and resources, and introduce you to people who want to journey with you this year and beyond.

We know your schedule is full, so EXIT only meets once a month in a workshop-style format. It’s a time to come together with others seniors (from different fellowships groups and churches) to connect and engage the topics that matter most. A life of faithfulness and flourishing after college is possible. Come find out how!

Here’s what some EXIT alums had to say about their experience:

Meryn copyMERYN  (’12):

EXIT has helped me to understand how to think about this next phase in life, that is quickly approaching. I think before attending EXIT, I was under the (false) assumption that the next step in life would be a mirror image of the step I made from high school to college, just to a different city. Not only has EXIT shown me that this thinking is flawed, but it could also be damaging to my relationship with Christ after college.

EXIT has given me a Biblical perspective on issues that before, I took for granted, such as finances, finding a church, seeking a job. I think I was under the impression that these things would come naturally. Also, in my family (and in the ministries that I participate in and even at church) ideas like the theology of work, place, finances are foreign. It’s been a blessing that EXIT has introduced me to these ideas. While I now feel more aware about the approaching transition in my life (and consequently sometimes more nervous about it), I also feel more equipped, because I feel that EXIT has made me more aware than ever of how God wants all of me–every part of my life, and that he will be with me, wherever I go.”

Gals1 copyKATHARINE (’11):

“Calvary has given me a solid foundation to better prepare me for life after college. It has allowed me to connect, grow, learn, teach and share my life with other college students who are going through the same transition. I cannot begin to communicate how effective Senior EXIT has been in my life over this past year. I’ve learned so much from my peers and the conversations that surface at the EXIT retreats…We have covered everything from finances, to vocational calling, to finding a church after college and choosing a spouse. Senior EXIT has just about covered it all!

Not only has Calvary helped to better prepare me for the transition into the ‘real world,’ but more importantly, it has never neglected to communicate the importance of living out the gospel wherever you are and in whatever you are doing. EXIT allowed me to form a peace about the life-altering change that is about to occur. It has grounded me, affirmed me, strengthened me, and better equipped me for a lifelong venture with Jesus Christ, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Group1 copyRACHEL (’11):

“At Senior EXIT this month, God revealed himself to Rachel like never before; God showed her that she can truly live all of her life for His glory! Here’s her story:
“Quiet time at Senior Exit was one of those extra special moments with Christ I’ll never forget. We were all given time to be alone after great talks about meaning in our lives and how everything we have comes from God and everything we do should be for God. As I Christian, I knew I should do everything for God…I knew that, because I heard it, but I didn’t really understand what that meant. Sure, I’d find myself wanting to be a good servant and in my daily routines say, “Okay, Rach, do this for the Lord.” But still, I didn’t get how to do that. I was all talk, but there was no heart behind it.

Sitting out at the pond on the wooden bench [at the EXIT retreat], my eyes and heart were opened…I saw God in the sun shining over the mountains. I saw God in the wind blowing through the grass and trees. I saw [Him] in three little yellow butterflies fluttering beside me. I was suddenly so at ease, so content, so full of joy knowing that God was there. He was truly in everything. I began to realize some things in that moment. I realized that those feelings of joy and contentment were gifts from God. I did nothing that day, or any day, to deserve any of it, but He gave it to me. I started to praise Him for my amazing family, my beautiful, generous, loving friends who are my sisters in Christ, and thanking Him for my life in general…He is the one who knitted me in my mother’s womb, and everything that I am belongs to Him. I am nothing without Him. At that moment, I finally understood what it meant to do everything for the glory of the Lord.”